The birds twitter such vibes. The people as they walked down slope was like the downing of a waterfall on a mountain. Step by step. In groups then, swinging their bodies to the tune of drums, trumpets, violins and songs of beauty from them. “ We are the winners, we are the winners.”

The weather was cool. It was medium, both with the element of cold and hot. Such dope quality. The wind blew with a style of perfection, it blew with a fragrance of excellency, refreshed and an air of satisfaction.

It never tired, it was energy filled in each person in this blessed town of ours. We are, for the real, the favoured few by God, for what was this?

This location of ours has clean beaches, a joy to the eye. We have the sea, calm to the heart, we have nature parks countable, a fresh breath to the lungs, we have mountains to hike, a thrill to life. We have rivers and lakes to fish and even swim to, a bearer of peace. We have this natural sites and phenomenon that attracts both local and international tourists, a blessing to the economy. Not to forget, we have football clubs, two of them with fully placed working stadiums and today was our day, a never dull day to we.

Today was our day. Winners by far, too early to the season. Such vibrance as our team crossed the streets while on the bus, greeting us, raising their hands and our cheers thanking them, was awesome. The streets was lit, full of colours. Red, blue, white and black, the colour of our team.

While watching here and there, while the bus of our town heroes passed that resulted to the mayor calling for a town holiday, in the twinkle of an eye I saw. Such a sight. Eyes bright like the milkway in pictures. The coloured paint on her face was admirable, simple but it brought to light the images of the Greek and Roman goddesses of ages back. Such a feature of structured and linear face of hers, the nose and ears were perfect. Not to forget her lips, the gloss lipstick on her mouth was such a calling. Not to mention the clothe worn, a fashion title deserves her. Short dress, white in colour, with an inner black long and a blue blouse with an inner shirt inside reaching to the hands. A cream hijab on her face. A hijabi indeed. Spectacles carried by her hands outmatched the occasion. Perfection. With her was a sling handbag, brown in colour.

Like firefly searching for light, I found myself walking to her path edging closer to her, till I reached her. The noise was all gone, it was never heard, it was a we moment, a two of two, a one of one. Alone at last.

“ What a team it is, we support,” I started.
“Very true.”
“ There is this party we holding to celebrate our team winning, with both our passion for the team, the heavens have ticked that we share the joy of moment.”
“ Indeed. Where would that be and when?”
“ Today at 5 P.M at Calchote.”
“ It is a deal.”

A date, yeepey I said to myself.

The heavens should not be disappointed, I tucked along close to her cheering with more energy as the parade continued. A man on a mission. To get her number, at last.

Photo by Candine DUFANT on Pexels

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