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Each sees their own colour, to some that is blue, to others that is light blue, but at the end of the day it all stands out, that is a colour.

It should all be about emotional connection, it is not being fanciful, but a trial to a wider range of many definitions. Books have been written about it. Also this perhaps somebody has penned their thoughts on it. It is about putting to rest the thought, what more beautiful is it than on writing it down.

Too young still to give this pinpoint, but is all about learning, growing and putting into weight that thinking, laying it down, wrong or right, history will name it so.

Emotional connection to mean engaging in communication, that we are so used with each other, first talking about ordinary things then later on climbing little by little, slowly by slowly turning deeper and deeper into conversations. It is only through such acts that we become vulnerable, we learn about the inner cues of each other. Doing so brings this essence of discovering one another, the innermost feelings and adjusting and knowing them first. You could check into another’s face and discover there and there on, that that is sad, that is happy, the sweat coming out, that shows that they are thirsty and such like thing.

Yes, physical plays a bit of it, but do not you think that the emotional bit stands whole like it stands out at 80% of the whole 100% of it all.

It is like how words are in a book, yes, they might be pretty and all like when you get hold of the text and read it. Tick, but is that it? Should the quality of the paper matter? Yes, it should, it should be durable, quality wise assured for it to last years and years to come. Yes, there might be issues here and there, the climate might cause a change, the weather too, on how people handle the book too. It is like rock bottom to a ship, shaky shaky, twisty twisty, moving moving.

It is not about the words that are properly styled that matter, what is important is the foundation, what basis is it being held up with. How do you achieve this, it is about being interested in one another, a flow of ideas back and forth, it should not be one sided, one party is making the first step always, both ways. The basis for such a reason is because at the end of the day, it is a we question, a two in one equation, living together, what we do affect somebody somewhere, who by all means comes from us, a child.

It is why that push also has to be there, we have to think from what that benefits from your end, you get an important lifetime choice. Plus, again when it is all about the drive from the other, we need go any further, look at a formula one race. Cars are fast, yes indeed, but you see each race is a risky venture, accident happen, injuries are caused, people get hurt, people die, it is all in the establishment. Everything happens, nothing is out of the box. It is there, factual, eye calling and behold and pap, there.

Also in the formula one race, the car gets maintenance after laps have been taken and time has progressed, tyres are changed and new ones are given to the car. See, also people are like that when effort is one sided, they tire, they too relax and to the extreme a driver to a formula one race might opt out, there is no rule of changing car, you use one car only.

Again preferences plays a bit of magic, what do you like? If that is so, then plausible would be to opt out the earlier the better and not give hope where unnecessary.

It surely is like a movie, what makes a movie interesting is talking, isn’t it right? Anyways enough with the walkie talkie, that has been love defined.

Photo by manu mangalassery on Pexels

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