“Let us walk,” I know a coffee shop nearer here.

“That is fine,” Shali said.

“Now that we have meet, the tap has been opened, it is time for the water to flow.”

“What tap might that be?”

“At Instagram, we talked when we meet Mr. P will be given in full, what it means.”

“Ooh that, P stands for Pacodemus.”

“Ha-ha, you are joking right?”

“Pretty much serious.”

Pacodemus then told her of how he got his name as it is. His father loved everything Greek from the ancient Rome. During the times of Marcus Aurelius and intrigued by that, to connect to that period of time, called him Pacodemus.

On his hand, he stated that Shali was a unique name and had never heard of it before. On his enquiry of what it means, she answered it meant- brightness.

They passed through a crowd watching youngsters who were engaging in acrobatics.  Pacodemus being aware by seeing it in her eyes, that she really wanted to watch, stopped and said what if they watched the entertainment. She agreed, so they joined the people.

The two joined the crowd in admiring the splits, the rolling up and down, the jumps, the climbing of each other up, the twists and playing of fire.

People were excited all through. You could see their fascination and satisfaction through their eyes. The constant display of their eyes was as if asking- please more, please more. Claps followed the acrobats every end of piece of their performance.

The group composed admirably of children. Their age by the looks of appearances was between 12-15 years thereabout. They were composed, they were experts in that trade, knowing what they do. It was like they were born for it. They were masters. Master! Master!

It took them three minutes to watch before one of them, acrobats, started walking around the people with a hat. People started dropping coins and notes into it. He reached Shali and she opened her sling handbag and was searching for monies to give.

She took out her phone on one hand while the other was busy looking for coins or monies to give out to. Suddenly, in a blink of a second it happened, so fast. Her phone was grabbed and the thief started running to the North, straight ahead.

“ My phone, he has stolen it!”

She was frantic. She did not know what to do.

Pacodemus saw where the thieve was heading and said to her. Wait for me in that phone shop. Coming in a few.”

He did not wait to check if she followed what he had asked. Like an athlete running for Olympic gold, he started at the run of the gun, here being after those statements.

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