Adventure,Romance,Romantic,Short story OH MY (EPISODE TWO )


“Eish, Eish,” all said while looking at their friend.

She on her hand looked down shyly.

One of them who was closest to the lady said, “ wait a minute? Is he, the one you have been talking about?”

She looked up- stared straight at her closest friend eyes, and the communication was instant.

“Well, you can borrow her,” she said to the gentleman.

Since one said, the others also joined in the approval.

“She is all yours, “ they all said while facing the gentleman.

One took hold of the note written to their friend and read it before talking to the gentleman.

“Mr. P” Nice meeting you. One said

“Mr. P? Mr. P?” The others joined.

“Going with initials, eish Shali,”

“Stop it you guys,” Shali said.

“Details, do not forget the details, after whatever” One said and all agreed.

Shyly, Shali took hold of his hand and the two, all in the hotel, would think the two were couples, walked out.

While outside, he said, “so the clouds have scattered and it might rain or the sunlight will remain.”

“Mmh, there are no clouds, it is clear,” Shali she looked up.

“Ooh, I got you.”

“Nice hair must say. The clothes are amazing. Yourself you embody the flawless of water, strength after strength.”

“Thank. The hair is natural actually, “Shali answered back both shyly and proudly.

“You look sharp-going-enticing too,”

“Ha-ha, is it about returning a favour, because of my comment to you,”

“Men and compliments are like water and oil,”


“Just say thank you, stop laughing. It is sincere.”


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