When did it start hitting hard ? Where did it all go? That believe, that drive, that energy, that zeal?

Is things not going as thought to be, knocking you off? Decapitating you to small pieces of minced meat.

Is it the silence, the going on, the constant fall? Is it but really a down road or a high rise? Not knowing which.

Is it not having a heart to endure, that awaiting has an advantage and that the process is worthy the experience.
Is it not believing in you? That all while you have learnt and now is the time to showcase that talent you have. You are unique on your own way and sure yes you do know to relate depending on circumstance. Or is it being scared, putting self out there will build a new character altering you somehow, and finally see yourself for who you are- the shadow self roaring, rah! Rah! Rah!

You cannot ask? For what is the need. One thing noted is that, in silence, when you meditate truly and honestly you come to a realization of something. What that defines you. You realize, being open, is good for you, but again you crawl back and hide, you speaking too much. Life after all is not about talking, talking, it is about actions, actions, less chatty and just observing life as it goes on. For with that you will know when to be cautious. But with a world running on an automobile, every day is a grand prix in a Formula One race, very fast- the active prospers and the silent runs into oblivion. Is it right to think so? Or are there other world where the quiet prospers and mind their own business.

The goal is not about being silent but having a few whom you talk to while impacting the world in a way you know how. How few should that be defined? 5, 10, 15, 20. What is the number? For one thing also is that emotions are transferred, with too much closeness, you will get into the life of another and depending on what their mood are then, you too might be affected. You might start all cheery then all of a sudden sad. Is it making sense? Thinking about all possibilities, thinking ahead, what outcomes you get.

What of careers you get, yes of course, for every job, emotions are to be put aside. One has to be clear at mind, peace and soul.

Can you get back at the past, burn bridges and be whole again, not whole, you are whole as you are. It makes you perfect no matter the imperfections you do have. Of course, there are there, none is angelic, oops said it, sorry, nah, it is a fact.

Conquering is the last world, it is about putting together all that, going out carefully, talking with a filter, interacting openly and friendly, mending roads crossed and parted away with, believing in yourself in that power- that yes, you are constant, changing of you is neither here nor there, but rather a fallacy. An iota of imagination.

Photo by Beyzaa Yurtkuran on Pexels.

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