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It’s been a while. The rain came. It went. The windy season prevailed, now is sunny. The heat, oh my God. Blisters, blisters and a headache too. Nothing much, the wee wee of life ongoing.

Meeting new people, relating with old ones, learning things while observing. How does it go? Will the forest run ablaze or will it sway with the flow of the wind. Will birds flute their way up upon the mighty blue sky.

Happenings in life teach you things, be it a loss or parting. It teaches grieve, healing, growing and again brings forth into you a new breed of existence. You are born again. Dipped to the water, baptized and afresh you are, new perspectives never seen.

Looked importantly is the art of looking back, self moment is cool. For you are assessing your moves made and progress gained. But wary, many never say… Yes, yes, self reflection is good, but be careful of not going deep that much, for there is a saying- the lower you go, the hotter it becomes.

These trajectories of emotions swirl in you altering your mood, feeling of down, you question yourself if worthy the struggle was what you did do. Forgetting that success, looked from a step is hidden, but if looked collectively, that is the mojo, you have hit the bulls eye. The conqueror the lion is presently where that is.

Not said much, but it is a matter of patience, it is about how you wait, how you boost your energy. It is remembering the end product. What do you see ahead, where do you put yourself? Is it in that interview being asked how you did it by a journalist?

Learn on early that time is special and friendly to anyone, just because it did not come as expected, means not it will not come. It’s all about perspectives, your mind at heart and soul- moving places, mountains and almost everything, from east to west, to the northern and southern hemisphere.

What you see and what others see is different and it is not up to you to defend your sight. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Most of it if not all, stay low, be humble, regardless of the treatment given. Sometimes the reciprocity you are given is little. When asked help not answered and only remembered are you when needed.

Treat disrespect with respect, being ignored with affection still, little attention with forgiveness and forgetting of you to them. Life is to the living and remembrance of the parted, it is about a collision of here now and there then and then then when then then.

Appreciate the little, be happy with it, smile all eyes out if possible, with all teeth showing whether they are yellow, brown figment or white. What that matters is your smile.

Planning, planning, planning. Thrice in a row, what a charm. See four steps ahead, think more, it is the motto of the scout running deep within, “ be prepared.”

Look close and an answer you will see, there just glazing.

Lastly, appreciate your existence, make jokes and be truly you, amazing.

If this is not a reconnection reconnecting a reconnection what recall is this recalling such a recall worthy to recall such a connection to a reconnecting. To reconnecting, recalling and re- everything.

Photo by yu zhang on Pexels

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