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BEYOND THE MIRAGE is a collection of intriguing poems meant to lead the readers to experience a variety of feelings found in human relationships. These poems are written by an enthusiastic budding writer whose reflections on the world around him will inspire many readers to see things from a different perspective. Though many of the themes addressed by the author may appeal to a youthful audience, older and more experienced readers will find in them meaningful reminiscences of their own youth.


The writer’s unique style of writing will delight the readers and at the same time let them into the labyrinth of human relationships. The vivid images drawn from ordinary everyday experiences that most readers can identify with will prompt lovers of poetry to reflect on life more deeply with the main aim of making it better and more meaningful.


There is no doubt that any readers who are not familiar with the circumstances described in these poems will eventually meditate on the experiences so marvelously expressed in the thoughts and feelings of the personas in the poems. The writer’s use of rhythm, alliteration, imagery, ironies, word-order inversions embellish the already enriching collection giving the readers a unique experience in the writer’s own poetic world.


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