Short story SUNSCREEN


It had been hectic. All day for the whole week was a busy day. The weekend had arrived and what he needed most was to treat himself to something special. One that would cool his nerves and give him energy to go on. More than ever he wanted that.

It was calm, the sun was mildly out, a good mixture to take a stroll or relax. Where he was, people were not many. Difficulty times requires much safety. The virus was hitting hard, day in day out cases rose. He decided to go there where all was refreshing. The wind blew comfort and the serene was amazing. There were also hotels where if need be when hungry one could quell an empty stomach.

With a bottle of orange juice and a glass he helped himself as he enjoyed the scenery around him while comfortably laying on the sun bed. The water there was captivating to the soul, it was like meditations. He enjoyed watching the ships a distance faraway, he heard its horns blowing and it reminded him of the Port of Mombasa when he visited while young. He saw a person wake skating, he too wished to join his club but he lacked the energy to do so.

Suddenly his moment of joy at the beach was disrupted. A lady fainted and help was being requested of if a doctor was there. He was a doctor by profession, he was by the hippocratic oath under a duty to assist a patient, but where was his spirit? Tired. Also he knew that people were clever, one among the crowd there would suggest to call an ambulance. A person did that.

He was thrilled, his weekend did indeed start on a good note. 

Photo by Mischa Meier on Unsplash

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