Mildly it was. The goldish feature could be seen to  wherever whatever it landed. It was calm, crows up in the sky caw, cats meowed. Motorbikes horns pitched the environment with a little pinch from the tuktuks riding within. People being in the afternoon, all were silent, they had reduced their volumes, midday had reached and the yearn to end it and to go and rest filled their hearts.

Within a building, touch by touch, small by small till you zoom a little more to where he was. His bedroom. Sheets blue in colour was where he was on and his head placed on a pillow. The bed. The fan rotated to bring in that essence of coolness to the moment. This occasion of what was happening. Just straight ahead, there was a table, a laptop was there, it was on. There was something ongoing in there. There were sub divisions of a table like manner, with no faces but names, only one shone, like an actor on the limelight in a theatre. With an energy, he talked, he had this vibe, of being: serious, no nonsense, workaholic, likes studying, loves what he does, and has a purpose in life. He knew his calling, to teach, to teach, to teach. To prosper the next generation of intellectuals who will usher in a new age for the country. Development and economic rise never seen before.

But who was he? The one on the bed. He knew himself very well, he could not understand while in class, he understood he was at best when he read his notes, that and all else was factual. He passing the exams would just be easy peasy like drinking water from a glass, of course, if not sick, because being that can be another story.

A giggle from the other end, then a soft voice. So sweet, so touchy, so enticing, it sounded like being in a soap opera with changing vocals similar to the romantic beats from a piano played. Talk was casual, how the day was for each other. His end, woke up, and after finishing the normal duties took out his phone and favoured himself to the enjoyment of watching a series title, make it happen, make a prayer.

On her part, she was at the market buying clothing and food stuffs, still there yet.

“That is why you are gasping, are you walking, right now?” he asked.

“Yes, I am walking.”

“Ooh, let me let you finish your tasks, will call you back.”

“Sure, love you.”

“Love you too.”

After the phone call, he just stared at the wallpaper of her at his phone. He smiled, he remembered that day on how it happened.

It was a matter of guts, confidence and believing in oneself that all would go well. That was what handed him the world, for to him that is what meant to him. He saw an image posted and the like that was there was wholesome, beauties he had seen, but this was on another level. It also portrayed fun on her face, it was there, all written, glued, placed for all to watch and see. That that is that. At first it was a liking of the image and then it was that the end of the story. Months later, he saw again her image, they were friends after all, and it came to his feed. He made a decision, a DM. That was it, the beginning.

He checked on the watch and discovered it was prayer time, he goes to the bathroom for ablution and comes and prays. Later on when done, he uttered a prayer,

“Please God let her be my wife.”

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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