Days gone by, but that picture still reminds. It still is an image straight into the head. Like a train it moves, chuchuchu. What days they were. Such times were they. Glorious. It emitted beyond measure such a brightness, never seen. It was more that sunlight, this was bigger, placed at the heart deep within it. It was the push to something greater and better.

The rain, wow what that was a sight. When little, when still growing up with those milk teeth that fell at a time, scaring the whole lot of you and also making you proud. You sort of saw one as admirable for you could showcase it to your friends and say with vigour, “look my tooth came out, what about you, not yet?” Deeper though there was that scary thought what if the tooth never came back, what will happen, will it be being a toothless person all the way till a bigger age. You imagine the old people you had seen with no teeth and that made you afraid. The guess perhaps the older saw this, and it became a story of minting. Put it under your pillow and you will earn money or the tooth will grow back again.

Those were the days, playing by the rain, running to it, ensuring the droplets of water shower on you making your cloth wet. But did it matter, wetting was part of you, you did sometimes urinate on oneself when sleeping at night because you were afraid that at such time while walking on the corridors you will encounter a ghost. That was really a scare crow experience. But the rain falling on your whole of you made you to come to terms to nature. To notice the droplets falling from leaves, the shutter of soil from the ground moving up and making holes, the smell of rain, it had that distinctive smell, sort of like food when being cooked or the smell of mud, it was somewhere there, but such fascinating, enticing. Or to catching the rain flies as they came out from their hiding.

Why does it have to be like that? Remembering you crosses the mind bringing back a whole lot of other memories buried deep in the desert of days gone back. Those that were good. As with a coffee cup sipping bits by bits with the outside rain falling down, it does that.

A picture of you I saw. Such a ring light so bright. Such pretty face, amazing. Such nice eyes, adorable. Such cute hairs, glaring. Spectacles won made you look like a model, so top were you as if cameras were clicking taking such snapshots of what beauty was.

It reminded me of that day while running away from the rain, we had gone for a date. You leading the way, I was on a phone that is why.

“Let us go, do not you see the rain?” she asked.

We take charge both of us to take a shade that was at a bus stop. Not many people were there, it was only us. The happiness that comes with weekends is that. You are left alone with you and the other to stroll to the inner walking’s of the town at your pleasure, for you know what? People are tired from the weekdays.

The smile when you looked at me when there was unforgettable, still could see it now. It was bright, it protruded lengthening the length of your mouth with that gloss red lipstick that was still there. Just kiss me was my wish there on.

“I love you, you know.”

That was then, now, time really does it magic. A text happened, “as much as I love you, it is best that we leave each other,”

The why to that still crossed my mind. No answer. She still replies to texts or calls but when asked the why it goes lull.

Hopefully of the day when the sun will rise again and the flower petals will open up emitting their bright colour and enjoy the aroma of the lemon grass to tea. It is so wished and dreamed.

I return back to enjoying my cup of coffee as my eyes focus to the newspaper on my hands. Mi! Mi! Mi! Another billion shillings scandal: coffers run dry.

Photo by Vlad Chețan on Pexels.

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