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Music connects people, places and culture
What though that is unique is it’s acting in it
From the video shoot
It brings out that element that is wow and gorgeous

You start from somewhere
A lower end that is humble till you rise up
Slowly by slowly till you reach the top
Like we where we are now
How did we start Alego

Caleb to answer that
I remember this friend of ours Ali
He had a smartphone with him
We borrowed it and started recording ourselves
Repeating every act done in the music videos
With our own improvisation
It was about using what was there presently
What it was: second hand clothes, plastic flowers, old mosquito net
Everything we used

Presenter: Njeri you have been quiet
I am just remembering the rise
It started slowly with a like and a like a share and a share
With every share our video got views and there is where we started getting money
It started flowing in
We became this sensational
We are called an overnight success but it was hard work
We give thanks to our manager Tito
Tito brought us up from the streets as street children
Using our talent he had seen making us successful

We are now giving back to society enrolling the street children to sports academy
There are flourishing there
We have Ajriyah there, you have heard him right?
Presenter: Yes, yes, the one who was poached to put it on street language by Leicester F.C
Alego: That is right
Presenter: Do not go anywhere, after the break we have Tito on line

Presenter: We are back. We have Tito on line, the manger for Youth Accord.
Tito are you with us?
Very much
Presenter: Such an inspiring story you have created here, you are such a blessing to the society.
Tito: Thank you. It is just giving back to society. I am a drama teacher, my passion is to prosper talents.
Presenter. Wow, amazing. How did you know they were up to it?
Tito: Instinct, Namale, it was just instincts.
Namale: Thank you very Tito and member of Youth Accord. Our time is over. Any last words:
Tito: Believe
Njeri: Give back
Alego: Inspire
Caleb: Do not rise alone

Photo by Efrem Efre on pexels

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