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What that moves one heart
Bringing out that element of surprise longing or loving
It shifts ones mind
Shape turning them like the changing clouds during the rainy season
High low raining sunny calm windy
That is drama

You see with your eyes
There is movement of people through hands or legs
There is facial expressions of the changing humans
One of sadness to that of happiness
Tonal variation of high and low to express feelings
One of loved, one of missing, one of delight, one of missing
One of pain, one of laughter, one of satisfaction
There are also pictures
That is film

It connects with the society
It relates to understandable concepts of the community
Love healing being funny
The clever people and the stupid people and their story of
One duping the other
There is a showcase of the bravery one shows at a time of danger
Where one becomes the hero and saves the day
They stand out and become special
Or it might be educating a section of the society
Be it students or the elderly or teachers making for them a guide
That is social

It brings money
For per month one walks away not sole
In their pockets it is filled with coins
For the channel they do has views and also subscribers
It has a certain number of followers a thousand or so thereabout
Who follow the cause, and who understand it to the core
They feel connected to it
They are part of an identity a social group that are similar in thinking
That is economical

All these brings forth transformation
The society is educated plus the individual person earns also
A source of livelihood is enhanced

Proud to speak it so
Katuni za Morowa on YouTube
Is a living legend on it
An opportunity for socio economic
Transformations through drama and films
Thank you

Photo by G. Jau on pexels

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