I would want to start it simple. How the clouds were, but amiss words are. For how can you describe how fine the clouds were, when they were so clear link ink to a pen, so white close to the colour of cotton and so well placed like dots penned in a circle. It felt like you were at the beach. 

Nice, adorable, cute, amazing, superb, awesome, wow, lite, dope- no matter how much I try I cannot describe how pretty the environment was. High rise buildings, beautiful landscape of the road- the grass, the flowers and the coconut tree growing midway on the road, it was just that, top notch. The cars that passed by us on the were classic, those of them days, those of the present graced the way of passage of travel in this town of ours.

Seated at the shoe shiners place we were glad to be part of this establishment. Time like pace it goes and never comes back, it was 2:00 P.M already, the time to return to the workplace. However, no doubt crossed our minds for being at the shoe shiner’s place for those thirty minutes. The moment spent there was worthwhile. 

Photo by Kylle Pangan on Unsplash

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