Living,Short story THE ROAD


From the reflection, a smile was noticed. She had accomplished a task, after almost an hour of constant work. She stood up ready and prepared to face the world, with enough gusto and courage. She checks herself at the mirror and content she was again. With an air of purpose, she walks out of the bedroom to find the other inhabitants already at the living room, prepared and ready to go. Her man was with a phone laughing hard all through, she sure knew what he was watching, comedy. Her two boys were with the T.V watching the latest collection of the Marvel cartoon franchise.

“We are ready to go,” she said and that did catch the attention of Tuyi, her husband.

Being the man of the house, he took the rest from there, “boys, switch off the T.V and we now are heading out, you are happy? Right, we are going to see grandmas and grandpas.”

“Yes, daddy,” in unison, the two said excited.

Tuyi was excited, it was only last week that his workplace had closed offices for the December holidays and that night, he gave a suggestion to his wife.

The goodness in such a suggestion was that their parents were particularly neighbours, not living not so far away from each other, thus they could alternate days of sleeping until their end of the vacation period.

“When are you closing your place of work?” asked Tuyi to Bruli.

“In two days time,” answered Bruli.

“Maybe next week we should visit our parents then, what do you think?”

“Yes, of course, this city life is dehydrating as it is.”

“Plus, the boys love their grandparents a lot,” Bruli added.

At the living room.

“Daddy, I want crisps, please would you buy for me,” the youngest said.

“We will drop by somewhere to get.”

“What of you?” asked Bruli to the eldest.

“I am yet to test the blue Fanta, maybe I should give it a try.”

“Alright,” answered Bruli.

The family of four with their luggage walked out of the five bedroom house, and trailed up into the car, and they begun their journey.

Inside the car, it was all fun, there was their favourite song playing, Glad today, and every time they followed the lyrics singing with their voices out. Gladly, they had closed their windows with the AC running, because had that not been the case, they would have been in problems with NEMA, for theirs qualified to class it as noise pollution. From Glad today their favourite lines were:

from the mist comes clear

from the walking we discover

that to attain there to see the road ahead

we have to start somewhere, take it all through

chance by chance, small by small

till we finally discover what wonderful the world is

that it is only though constant practice by doing it

that the hard becomes easy

and conquerors we become

kings and queens, we become royalty

Five minutes after heading to the supermarket and buying some goods they were on the highway, and as time went by their distance to reaching their destination kept on reducing.

Tuyi drove smoothly with no hindrance on his way up to when he came across a traffic jam. Cars were in front of him, he could drive no more and it was noisily, horns beeped every now and then. He thought it was just the ordinary, perhaps a trailer was crossing to a T-junction, after all it was the highway and heavy vehicles were part of the establishment of users. Minutes kept on counting, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 5 minutes, and he became concerned.

“What could be the cause of this jam, again?”

“Let me check and see what the online community is saying.” Bruli said.

“Aaah, I have found it. A drunkard caused an accident to three vehicles, people were injured, none died, and it is now cleaning that is in progress by the traffic police.”

“Drunkards again, why do they make our life be living like hell.”

Glad today was the background music, the line was:

we try again tomorrow.

The boys were not bothered at all, they were deep asleep.

< The end is but a sparkle of other writings>

Photo by Luigi Manga on Unsplash

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