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This is it. The downing. The fall. The turning point. The resolve that comes to pass. Not for mere reason, but just that being a mortal soul. As a feature all similar to all of us you make the same mistake .

Like a meandering ox bow lake we follow with it. Like words to a paragraph they add up to something. It bears in it something actually. There is that feeling, there is that end product that comes your way. That is, taken for granted.

Is this the proverbial counting your chicks before they hatch or not learning from the adage that it is better a half a loaf than no bread at all? Is it or is nature conspiring to fall you down, to step on you to the ground, leaving you for there to think through or to be that, your downfall.

Choices put you there, perhaps it was peace that was being looked at, the guess that is. But you forget that not having choices makes you comfortable. Words of wisdom has it that where there is comfort, too much of it, in what you do, there is no growth, might be true or false.

The best advice to be given is that have plenty of them, plans that is. Such that if A fails B functions or C or D or E. Yeah, yeah, you might argue, but you might lose focus. Multitasking is no great deal, you have to have your eyes on to that one goal and leave the rest to God, luck, timing, perfection, hard work, patience or anything, the count, it never ends, it keeps fluctuating. Others might add consistency, to some persistency.

Again having plentiful prevents you from harm’s way, like you are not absorbed too much into something or someone, eventually you make an effort and immediately rise above the occasion and hop into another something or someone better off.

You might argue why should you be with something or someone while your foot is half in and half out looking for a way to run? It is all about dynamics, give a little, let us say 80% and leave the rest 20 % for your own peace of mind, ready and prepared if something worse happens, a leaving, a break up or something. God forbid, but at least you were a scout, if you get it.

Of course, school of thoughts are there, one is never right or wrong, it depends with the reasoning. What school of thought are you? Should you be adequate or be appreciative and content but also leaving an opening, for the just in case the negative happens? Conflicting it is, after all is it not that the little that you have you have to appreciate so that more comes?

But again there is this thought, the hunger keeps growing in each one of us. What that we have is never enough, somehow with time something else piles up and all of a sudden there is a drive to up scale a little bit.

Even when you reach where that which you wanted, again you want to rise above the fold, to be better. It never ends there, so it becomes, ride after ride, journey after journey, it turns to a vicious cycle of improving for more, with the urge for a higher quality to be within us.

To run away as much as we want we can, but the truth to it still counts: have choices with you.

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